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Brad and kolin celebrated their beautiful outdoor acreage wedding on the summer SOLSTICE — the longest day of summer! a double rainbow after an incredible downpour, majestic parachute-covered reception covered in lanterns, and a live performance by edmonton’s sister gray captivated the guests who were in attendance.

Kolin and I have been friends for years, and when I met up with him and Brad — over Moxie cocktails and appetizers (yum!) — to discuss their wedding details, I was SO excited! I love an acreage wedding, talking about photographing their outdoor ceremony and reception with all their guests seemed like a dream! I couldn’t wait!

I arrived, on their wedding day, in the afternoon with both grooms getting ready in St. Albert with their entourage of beautiful “grooms-maids”. All their lovely ladies had different styles of elegant purple flowy dresses, and each respective maid-of-honor wore a classic white dress.

Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0001 Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0002 Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0003

I brought the bridal party to the local country-side and a tree nursery for their creative portraits. All the ladies were sporting purple paper parasols and trendy sunglasses, as the summer heat was beaming down on us all! I brought our beautiful couple to an alley of royalty crabapple trees — working with their purple wedding colours — and the purple foliage looked incredible!

Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0004 Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0005 Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0006 Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0007 Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0008 Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0009 Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0010 Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0011

After portraits, we returned back to St. Albert for family formals and dinner with the immediate family. Such a great idea! Looking to skip the cost of a full reception for all your guests? Have an evening ceremony and supply only hors d’oeuvres! So smart (and wallet-friendly)!

Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0012 Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0013

The ceremony and reception was at an acreage, just outside of St. Albert, in Sturgeon County. Guest arrived to park their tents RV’s on site for the option of camping out after all festivities. So cool! The ceremony area had a marvellous backdrop of a train trellis and sunset, so I was pretty much in heaven! Brad had mentioned to me prior to wedding day:

We have the most incredible location where we’re standing to be married. We actually cut down trees to magnify the view of the train trellis in the background. Along with the setting sun, everything should look perfect! Your jaw will drop when you see the canopy! It’s a designers dream!

So — my jaw definitely dropped when I saw their reception! From the incredible parachute canopy that covered their outdoor reception — with the central pinnacle decorated in an array of brightly coloured paper parasols — to the exotic bird of paradise flowered bouquets, their Asian-inspired wedding decor was a stunning addition to the natural beauty of the location.

Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0015Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0014Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0016 Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0017 Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0018 Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0019 Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0020 Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0021 Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0022 Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0023

Until their ceremony was interrupted by some heavy thunder…. and a DOWNPOUR!

Kolin and Brad quickly skipped their vows, said their “I do’s”, kissed and signed the registry; then everyone hurried to the tents to seek shelter from the rain! A few guests brought umbrellas, ponchos made an appearance, and the kids that were there had fun splashing in all the puddles once the rain subsided. It’s said to be good luck when it rains on your wedding day — what about a thunderstorm?!!?

Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0025 Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0026 Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0024

Speeches were lively and full of stories — bringing out some of the best laughs I’ve ever had at a reception!

Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0027 Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0028 Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0029Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0031Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0030

After speeches, Kolin and Brad took stage to say the vows that they had wrote for each other (insert me crying here). So personal, emotional, and full of heart. It’s so clear that these two men are meant for each other!


Then, the two dapper grooms took the dance floor for their impassioned first dance. So many tears of joy! Personally, I could hardly hold my own tears back! Such a handsome couple!

Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0034 Brad_Kolin_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0035

The night festivities really commenced when Edmonton’s Sister Gray took the stage and started laying down some heavy beats! The guests gathered up — as if at a rock concert — to sang and dance the night away! And just as I left the wedding — around 11pm — the sun finally set, and I could hear the music and roaring cheers as I drove away.


Thank you Brad & Kolin for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your incredible day (rain and all)! It was a joy to witness so much love of family and friends, and the love of such an incredible and honest couple.


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  1. becky /

    Hi there! I am so in love with these pictures, but even more in love with the amazing parachute canopy that they had at the wedding. I have done search after search and have had no luck finding anything similar to this and was curious if you know more about where Brad & kolin found it? Thanks for any help!

  2. Jennifer /

    WOW these two had an amazinggggg wedding. May I ask where you were able to rent that parachute and how you set it up? Any advise? thanks :)

  3. Mustafa /

    These pictures are amazing!! You guys are so beautiful inside and out!

  4. Antoinette /

    Hello! These pictures and wedding are absolutely beautiful! i was wondering if you would be able to let me know where i can find the parachute canopy as well? Thank you so much! Cheers!

  5. Brittney /

    hI, I was also curious if you knew where they got the parachute canopy from?

    Stunning Pictures!

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