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Sierra and Francois had a beautiful small and intimate wedding on a Thursday afternoon in the Arts District of Downtown Edmonton with their immediate family and few closest friends.

When Sierra first contacted me to shoot their wedding, I was hooked! The love story between her and Francois is one of those stories that you read about it fairytales! Travelling boy meets local girl, falls in love, and doesn’t end up going back home.

I met up with Francois and Sierra in the afternoon on a warm July afternoon. We met at a spot that I knew was PERFECT for their First Look. Most of my couples do a First Look to enhance the profoundness of their wedding, and I knew this was absolutely perfect for their wedding day — as it was incredibly intimate. I’ll always remember Francois’ face the moment he first saw Sierra in her dress — it’s so irreplaceable! That will definitely be a photograph that they’ll be able to fondly look back at with their children, even grandchildren, and feel so happy to have.

Sierra_Francois_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0017 Sierra_Francois_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0018 Sierra_Francois_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0019

Since all of Francois’s family was in Quebec, they involved them all by using FaceTime on multiple mobile devices. When the happy couple said their vows in front of the beautifully blooming Government House, tears of joy ran down the faces of all parents witnessing the celebration, including those on phones.

Sierra_Francois_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0020 Sierra_Francois_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0021 Sierra_Francois_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0023 Sierra_Francois_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0024 Sierra_Francois_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0025 Sierra_Francois_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0026 Sierra_Francois_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0027

Celebrating with family near and far — thank you technology!

Isn’t Sierra’s grandfather just the cutest man ever in his blue suit!!?!


After the ceremony, we ventured into the Arts District of Edmonton to take some portraits, and we snacked on some delicious baked goods from Cookie Love. I always ask my couples what they would do on a weekend with no work, a full tank of gas, and $300. They answered:

We’d probably go out and buy a bunch of candy, some warm drinks, and then come back and spend the night at home in a blanket fort watching old movies. We love spending time together — just talking, laughing, and being silly! Some of our best times involve us staying at home and watching movies all day.

Sierra_Francois_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0029Sierra_Francois_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0030 Sierra_Francois_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0031

Isn’t Sierra just so gorgeous!??!! I loved her vintage pearls and classic white heels!

Sierra_Francois_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0032 Sierra_Francois_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0033 Sierra_Francois_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0034 Sierra_Francois_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0035 Sierra_Francois_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0036 Sierra_Francois_Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0037

Thank you Sierra and Francois so much for allowing me to capture and witness your incredible love for each other!


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  1. Cory Johnn /

    I am very impressed with your keen eye for detail, it’s just gorgeous! I’m such a big fan of your work! :D

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